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Tap United’s heart pounding percussion has audiences jumping to their feet in excitement. This spectacular cast features tap dancers from around the world including World Tap Champions from over 10 different countries and National Tap Teams from USA, England, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and many more. Each performance features a unique and diverse translation of tap, highlighting the evolution of tap around the world.

Dance United and Tap United were conceived by husband and wife team, Bob Carberry and Nancy Chippendale Carberry. The duo has worked together in the dance industry for over 30 years, producing world class shows and dance events. Most recently, Bob and Nancy have successfully united the world of dance by providing a dance festival coupled with a professional performance venue. Since the event's debut in 2005, the faculty and cast has grown immensely with over 100 World Champion dancers training together and gracing the stage together in rhythm and step.


Dance United is an International Dance Festival designed for dancers aspiring to pursue a career in dance. This workshop focuses on a all styles of dance in a professional and disciplined atmosphere. Visit: for details regarding the Dance Festival and Workshop classes.

Many people, companies and organizations come together to make DANCE UNITED & TAP UNITED one of the most unique dance events in the world.

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